We Wear The Mask

We are now taking a break from our regularly scheduled storytelling.  This interruption is brought to you in part by  my art and designs.  I’m inspired by tribal patterns and masks, my West Indian heritage and African ancestry, the beauty of Carnival, abstract and surreal art, nature, photography and couture fashion! I will soon be … More We Wear The Mask

Mobile Dick

His son was a follower, always afoot, restless, mobile but stagnant.  He was a follower and he had no understanding.  He had no understanding because he chose to keep running away without a vision.  He had no vision because he chose to be stagnant, despite all efforts to make him desire a purpose that frees. … More Mobile Dick

An Artist’s Process

A short time ago, I really broke away from my creative comfort zone and took my ideas to another dimension.  I started writing and performing skits and shows in the community, for homeless shelters and even a fashion show with characters I literally created.  Some people call them puppets but to me they’re more.  They are truth … More An Artist’s Process