An Artist’s Process


A short time ago, I really broke away from my creative comfort zone and took my ideas to another dimension.  I started writing and performing skits and shows in the community, for homeless shelters and even a fashion show with characters I literally created.  Some people call them puppets but to me they’re more.  They are truth encased in a comical shell. Some were bought but initially I sat and sewed them.


Living in NYC a creative soul has boundless sky to fly.  In addition to one’s environment one also has a plethora of inspirational resources at one’s disposal. I go to museums a few times each year for inspiration.  I’ve been to museums in Montreal, Toronto, Philly, Miami, Boston, DC and of course NYC!  These museums not only inspired me beyond belief, but they also opened my mind to a world outside my own.  There are so many people in the world and each person has a story.  There are stories within stories within stories and somebody should tell them.  I was storytelling from the time I was in kindergarten and my teachers would ask me what I did over the weekend.  Stories about going to Australia for a quick getaway or an African safari would often replace the norms of my world like going to the park to play on Saturday and church on Sunday.

As a child I also enjoyed creating just about anything.  From costumes and clothes for dolls to structures to attach to the kitchen wall to puppets for puppet shows for the family, to writing and illustrating stories, drawing and painting, I was always creating something. Even as an adult when I go to an art gallery or exhibit, I often gravitate toward the costumes, fashion exhibits, abstract art, sculptures and masks.  Between being inspired by late and great television shows like Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street, to poetry and stories by some of my favorite writers like Poe, James Baldwin, August Wilson, Langston Hughes and Hemingway, I truly feel like I can tell many stories through the art of puppetry and masked theater.  I encourage everyone to not only think big and dream higher but also act outside of your norm now and then, as you will never know your limit if you don’t take chances.


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